T-Base Communications partners with OpenText to deliver high volume accessible PDF service

Today T-Base Communications, the industry leader in accessible communications, announced they have partnered with OpenText, a global leader in information management software, to bring a new level of customer support and subject matter expertise for high volume accessible PDF customers. The partnership brings together T-Base’s long-standing expertise in document accessibility with OpenText’s market leading high volume accessible PDF software.

Accessible PDFs (“aPDFs”) are fully tagged electronic documents that bring accessibility benefits to a range of different consumers. As governments and the business community increasingly recognize the value of providing more inclusive communication formats, the demand for aPDFs is growing.

OpenText has the market leading high volume aPDF solution, helping organizations capture and transform high volume print streams into accessible PDFs.

“OpenText delivers industry leading document output solutions that can process, extract, transform, repurpose and personalize high volumes of data and documents,” said Stephen Ludlow, OpenText’s SVP. “Together, OpenText and T-Base are empowering customers with exceptional services to support accessibility needs.”

T-Base Communications / OpenText Logos

“All of our large enterprise customers have sophisticated digital communication strategies. Ensuring these communications can be seamlessly accessed in a range of accessible formats is what our customers count on T-Base for” says Bruce Moszcelt, T-Base’s Co-CEO. “Adding the OpenText high volume aPDF capability will allow our customers to deliver an even better accessible experience to their end consumers. As the leading document accessibility provider in North America, we look forward to improved accessibility experiences for consumers through this partnership.”

About T-Base Communications

T-Base supports customers in delivering accessible communications to their end consumers who are blind or have low vision. Doing so ensures customers meet all ADA, ACA and federal civil rights legislation and low vision and blind consumers receive documents in the format of their choice. T-Base uses proprietary technology to convert a wide range of documents, statements and educational materials into various alternate formats, including braille, reflowed large print, audio, e-Text and accessible PDF. Further, T-Base provides web accessibility services including web audits and accessibility training.

About OpenText

OpenText, The Information Company™, enables organizations to gain insight through market leading information management solutions, on premises or in the cloud. For more information about OpenText (NASDAQ: OTEX, TSX: OTEX) visit