HUB Accessibility Management System

A highly-intuitive Accessibility Management System (AMS) enabling project and issue management tailored to the unique requirements of digital accessibility projects.

You Are Not Alone.

Let’s End the Complexity of Digital Accessibility.

For far too long, organizations have struggled with the complexity associated with ongoing digital accessibility projects. And traditionally, whether it’s overseeing project managers, developers, legal/conformance roles and more, it has never been easy.

There has never been a simple way to manage everything from one system. Until now.

Deliver Seamless Accessible Experiences.

Accessibility Management. Easy.

Allyant’s HUB delivers the perfect combination of project and issue management with a seamless user interface. In addition, HUB provides real-time reporting on project progress and tools to help you and your stakeholders better understand how accessibility impacts all roles.

Best of all, Allyant’s HUB offers direct communication with our accessibility experts to solve your real problems and help your organization embrace digital accessibility at every level. And to ensure that those with disabilities enjoy the same seamless experience, HUB is built from the ground up to be fully accessible to everyone using the solution.

Meet & Exceed Your Goals.

Educate. Communicate. Automate.

HUB delivers a unique, cohesive combination of education, communication, and insights from live users with opportunities for automation capabilities—all designed to help guide you on your streamlined path to completing your accessibility objectives. It even connects related issues of accessibility, ensuring your development teams solve global site or application issues in a more holistic, insightful manner.

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