PDF Accessibility Assessment & Remediation Service

A comprehensive service to assess, verify and remediate large batch collections of PDFs to ensure accessibility compliance.

A Comprehensive Solution.

Too Many Digital Documents.
Not Enough Time or Resources.

Equitable access to all document types is a prerequisite for business success. More so, it’s also the legal compliance requirement. That said, how many digital documents does an organization have? Imagine every brochure, every report, every form—it could be in the hundreds if not thousands. The bandwidth required to check every single document and fix every issue is impossible, requiring too much time, effort, and people. That is until now.

Conquer the PDF Mountain.

Easily Ensure PDF Documents and Forms are 100% Compliant.

As your digital documents rapidly accumulate, we can alleviate the burden by quickly and accurately verifying and fixing any number of assets. Our verification and remediation services provide an accurate, comprehensive and cost-effective way to achieve accessibility with Section 508, WCAG, PDF/UA 1.0 and HHS compliance for public-facing, popular or significant volumes of PDF documents and forms.

Best of all, with Allyant’s PDF Accessibility Assessment and Remediation Service, you receive a comprehensive report providing our ironclad guarantee of full compliance.

Connect With a PDF Expert.

Make Your PDFs Perfect.

Let’s face it, in the digital world, PDFs remain the number one document type. Therefore, ensuring that your PDFs are accessible is priority number one. It’s also understandable that with so many options, you will have questions. Our Allyant accessibility specialists are here for you to answer even your most difficult questions. So let’s connect, get your questions answered, and get you on your way to seamless accessibility!

PDF Accessibility Assessment & Remediation

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Verify + Fix.

Assessment & Remediation. Easy.

The Allyant verification and remediation service includes everything you need to ensure your documents are 100% accessible. More so, did you know that only Allyant software and Adobe Acrobat are listed by W3C for PDF remediation?

Here’s everything you receive from the world’s leading service:

  • Scan, identify, and fix accessibility issues in document holdings.
  • Review and correct the logical structure of the file.
  • Check and correct tables, including tagging/redesigning complex tables.
  • Review, and create alternative text if necessary.
  • Fix Content Order view to enhance use on mobile devices.
  • Review, verify and fix script functionality.
  • Review form elements and address accessibility issues.
  • Test each document with one or more tags-aware assistive technologies.
  • Ensure the document passes Adobe’s Acrobat Accessibility Checker.
  • Provide a Section 508, or a WCAG AA conformance certificate for each document.

We've Got This.

Our Experts Are Here For You.

So, what makes our documents verification and remediation services better and more reliable than any other company in the world? It all starts with our experts—ensuring that every aspect of PDF content handling is addressed, from artifacts to z-order.  It’s these same experts that have developed proven proprietary processes and technology, refined through hundreds of customer engagements with accessibility requirements. In other words—accessibility is all we do!