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A quick, effective, and affordable accessible document transcription solution purpose-built for education professionals.

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Educational institutions continually face the challenge of providing students with timely access to high-quality instructional materials in accessible formats. More so, there remains a distinct and troublesome trade-off between speed and quality.

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Our easy-to-use subscription-based model enables administrators, educators, and those within Disability Support Services (DSS) to upload, click and go—quickly transcribing any document into multiple formats for delivery to their students. CL Online combines high-level automation with guided user input to effectively and affordably transcribe documents into high-quality, reflowed accessible Word, braille, PDF, and E-text formats.

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Accessibility in Multiple Formats.

Reflowed Large Print (Accessible Word).

An accessible Word document contains content reflowed into a single column, converted to large font, and exported to an accessible file format. As a multifunctional accessible format, users can print large font documents from the Word file or experience it as a digital format with improved on-screen readability and an enhanced audio experience (via text-to-speech tools).


This accessible format contains the document in a tactile writing system using the Unified English Braille (UEB) code. It is delivered in a BRF (Braille Ready Format) file that can be sent to a braille embosser to produce hard copy, or read on an electronic braille display.

Accessible PDF.

An accessible PDF contains additional information about the document’s semantic structure, enabling students and educators to easily navigate and read through electronic content using assistive technology such as screen readers, screen magnifiers, and joysticks.


E-text format contains extracted text from the source document with audio directives. More so, text-to-speech tools can process this file to create an audio version of the document.

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Welcome to CommonLook Online.

From K-12 through to post-secondary education, everyone deserves equitable access to critical learning materials. Make your learning environment everything it can be with CL Online.

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