CommonLook PDF

The world’s leading PDF remediation software plugin for Adobe Acrobat, enabling users to test, repair, and report on accessible PDF documents.

Navigating Complex Challenges in PDF Accessibility Compliance

Addressing accessibility compliance challenges in the PDF industry involves navigating complex standards such as WCAG, PDF/UA, and Section 508. While Adobe Acrobat offers powerful features, it often fails to ensure full PDF accessibility.

Without the right tool, manual remediation is time-consuming and prone to errors. Organizations struggle to build internal capacity and understand accessibility standards. More so, generating comprehensive reports and meeting documentation requirements for authorities like HHS can be daunting, while complex document structures pose validation challenges.

Your Path to PDF Accessibility Excellence

Introducing CommonLook PDF, the premier Adobe Acrobat plugin that streamlines the journey toward compliance with WCAG, PDF/UA, HHS, and Section 508 accessibility standards. This robust tool provides a comprehensive environment for testing, remediating, and verifying documents, delivering faster and more efficient outcomes than relying solely on Adobe Acrobat, and is listed in the W3C’s PDF Techniques for WCAG.

Seamless Integration with Adobe Acrobat

CommonLook PDF seamlessly integrates with Acrobat, simplifying the remediation process. This powerful solution empowers teams to produce high-quality remediated documents, accelerating tasks while injecting proven methodology. It’s no wonder that more than 50% of government agencies trust CommonLook PDF.

Become Your In-House Compliance Expert

As organizations strive for accessibility compliance, they often face knowledge and resource gaps. CommonLook PDF bridges these gaps by offering an intuitive solution that doesn’t require prior knowledge of accessibility software or compliance standards. Whether you’re in compliance, communications, or IT, PDF remediation is now simple and seamless with CommonLook PDF.

Benefits of CommonLook PDF

  • Cost Reduction: By reducing the frequency and expense of document repairs, CommonLook PDF helps organizations minimize compliance costs associated with accessibility.
  • Capacity Building: CommonLook PDF empowers organizations to build internal capacity, enabling them to meet the rising demand for accessible PDFs without extensive reliance on external resources.
  • Guided Compliance: CommonLook PDF’s user-friendly features guide users through accessibility checkpoints within each document, ensuring that critical criteria are met consistently.
  • Continuous Improvement: Users can access training resources offered by CommonLook PDF to enhance their document remediation skills and advance their knowledge of accessibility compliance.

CommonLook PDF Features

  • Multi-Standards Validation: CommonLook PDF validates documents against Section 508, WCAG, PDF/UA, and HHS standards, ensuring comprehensive compliance.
  • Structural Validation: It supports structural validation based on ISO 32000-1:2008, ensuring documents are structurally sound, a prerequisite for accessibility.
  • Powerful Tools: CommonLook PDF provides powerful, time-saving tools for working with tags, tables, lists, and tables of contents, simplifying remediation tasks.
  • Tagging Workflow: Users can verify and correct tagging order and semantics within a workflow, enhancing document accessibility.
  • Structural Alerts: The software alerts users to properly structure tables, lists, and tables of contents to help you organize your document properly,
  • Checkpoint Verification: Users can verify the output of PDF files in accordance with each accessibility checkpoint, ensuring compliance with standards.
  • Comprehensive Reports: CommonLook PDF generates detailed checkpoint-by-checkpoint, element-by-element reports accepted by HHS and other authorities, simplifying documentation.
  • Matterhorn Protocol Compliance: It provides extensive reports, facilitating adherence to industry standards.
  • Automatic Bookmark Generation: CommonLook PDF supports automatic bookmark generation based on heading levels, enhancing document navigation and accessibility.

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