CommonLook PDF

The world’s leading PDF remediation software plug-in for Adobe Acrobat, enabling users to test, repair, and report on accessible PDF documents.

Faster & Better.

Don’t Let Acrobat Slow You Down.

Adobe Acrobat has incredible functionality—in almost every way. However, when it comes to ensuring PDFs are fully accessible and compliant, it leaves much to be desired. That said, CommonLook (CL) PDF seamlessly integrates with Acrobat, simplifying the remediation process to comply with accessibility standards.

CL PDF enables teams to produce high-quality remediated documents, accelerating remediation tasks while injecting proven methodology into the remediation process. This functionally rich solution is the premier choice for industry professionals who work to ensure compliance with accessibility standards.

  • Used by more than 50% of government agencies.
  • Listed in the W3C’s PDF Techniques for WCAG.
  • Ensures high-quality, error-free remediation outcomes.
  • Faster and more efficient than using Acrobat for accessibility.

Leading the Pack.

Best-in-Class PDF Accessibility Software.

CL PDF provides an all-in-one environment to test, remediate and verify documents. Listed in the W3C’s PDF Techniques for WCAG, CL PDF includes powerful tools to accelerate remediation. As a result, it provides faster and more efficient results than Adobe Acrobat.

  • Convenient plug-in for Adobe Acrobat.
  • Scale-up document remediation capacity while maintaining quality and accuracy.
  • Automatically detects and repairs a variety of common PDF problems.
  • Dramatically reduces the time required to correct existing PDF documents.
  • Proven tools for working with tags, tables, lists, and more.

Your Accessibility Ally.

It’s Like Having an In-House Compliance Expert.

As organizations strive to make their website and document content compliant with the accessibility standards, they face gaps in their in-house knowledge and resources. However, CL PDF users don’t require previous knowledge of accessibility software or compliance standards. Whether compliance, communications, or IT—PDF remediation is now simple and seamless!

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Features & Functionality.

The Benefits of Using CL PDF:

  • Reduce compliance costs by cutting the frequency and expense of document repairs.
  • Build internal capacity to address the rising demand for accessible PDFs.
  • Guide users through each document’s accessibility checkpoints.
  • Access training to raise document remediation skills.
  • Validate against the Section 508, WCAG, PDF/UA 1.0, and HHS standards.
  • Support structural validation based on ISO 32000-1:2008.
  • Support documents with multi-page structures and structures that move between pages.
  • Powerful, time-saving tools for working with tags, tables, lists, and tables of content.
  • Verify and correct tagging order and semantics in a dedicated, auditable workflow.
  • Alert users to correct structuring of tables, lists, and tables of contents.
  • Enable users to verify the output of PDF files as appropriate to each checkpoint.

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