Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) Service.

A VPAT creation service demonstrating your product’s adherence to Section 508 and WCAG accessibility standards.

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Did you know that government entities, government-funded agencies, and commercial enterprises now require VPATs when acquiring software from vendors? Notably, without a VPAT, your software may become ineligible for purchase.

So why is that? Today, more than 1.1 billion people worldwide experience vision impairment, prompting regulations that emphasize equitable access across public and private sectors. VPATs evaluate product compliance with accessibility standards, strengthening inclusivity for users with disabilities.

In the US, Section 508 enforces accessible IT procurement for federal agencies, mirroring similar initiatives in regions like the EU, the British Commonwealth, and the US, where product compliance with accessibility laws and standards is required.

Addressing Accessibility in Today’s Digital Landscape.

Welcome to comprehensive insights!

You’ll gain comprehensive insights into your product’s accessibility features and adherence to recognized standards.

Addressing accessibility proactively mitigates legal and financial risks, fostering a positive user experience. Best of all, by fulfilling government and enterprise assessment requirements, you showcase your company’s inclusivity commitment—boosting sales, transparency, accountability, and brand reputation.

The Process is Easy!

Step 1: Comprehensive Audit

Initiate your VPAT project with a thorough expert audit, unveiling your product’s current status.

Step 2: VPAT Completion

Utilizing the audit report, we precisely complete the VPAT, aligning it with the findings.

Step 3: Seamless Delivery

Receive notification and effortlessly download the finalized, fully filled VPAT (ACR) directly from your Allyant HUB dashboard. This document is ready for public sharing or on-demand access.

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VPAT Services

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We're not just another VPAT service.

We’re your partner in creating truly inclusive digital experiences. Here are just a few of the many reasons to choose our VPAT service:

Expertise That Matters:

When you rely on us to assess the accessibility of your website or app, you gain from our team’s unmatched expertise. With a history of auditing a variety of platforms and a deep understanding of WCAG and the VPAT process, we ensure your VPAT surpasses basic compliance, effectively capturing the genuine accessibility experience your product provides.

Results That Speak Volumes:

We’re committed to delivering in-depth results with tangible significance. More so, our user-friendly HUB platform simplifies the assessment, allowing you to comprehend the report effortlessly.

Support Every Step of the Way:

We’re dedicated for the long run, providing continuous support and a pathway to transform your VPAT from a static document into a living resource. Our team of accessibility advocates collaborates closely with yours, delivering practical guidance to bridge any accessibility gaps.

Keeping You Up to Date:

As an on-going, valued client, we offer the flexibility to retest on the go and update your VPAT accordingly. Your commitment to accessibility remains our priority, and we’re here to ensure your documentation reflects the most current state of your product.

Ready to Start on Your Path to Inclusivity?

Our dedication to delivering accurate VPATs empowers you to navigate accessibility with confidence, enhancing your sales, brand reputation and user experience.


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