Free Software Accessibility Validation Service

Evaluation of a software’s accessibility features, adherence to accessibility guidelines (such as Web Content Accessibility Guidelines – WCAG), and its overall usability for individuals with disabilities.

Verify Standards.

How do Procurement Professionals Know 
if Software Meets Accessibility Standards?

In order to find truly accessible solutions, procurement professionals need to take into account different criteria, such as accessibility standards and usability—but how can they ensure something when they are not accessibility experts? To ensure the vendor’s accessibility claims align with corporate and compliance standards, procurement professionals must rely on a comprehensive and reliable assessment to verify if the software meets the required standards.

Free Validation Service.

Welcome to ProcureEnsure.

At Allyant, we’re proud to offer ProcureEnsure, the world’s leading software accessibility and usability validation service for procurement professionals. Our goal is to help you ensure that third-party technology is truly accessible and meets your corporate standards.

In contrast to automated assessments, which may not fully test to the required extent and level of detail, our emphasis is on live-user audits. We prioritize the use of advanced practices that incorporate both automated and live user testing in our accessibility reviews. This approach ensures thoroughness and effectively meets your corporate standards.

The best part? We provide this service completely FREE OF CHARGE to your company when you’re acquiring software. We understand the importance of ensuring accessibility without adding financial burdens.

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ProcureEnsure Benefits.

Our service enables you to:

  • Gain Corporate Alignment: Our approach aligns with your organization’s goal of procuring accessible software.
  • Reduce Workload: By utilizing our services, you can reduce the workload on your limited internal resources.
  • Make Informed Decisions: Gain insights into an application’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential accessibility challenges that may impact your users.
  • Mitigate Risks: Make informed choices aligned with your accessibility requirements and inclusivity goals.
  • Ensure Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Acquire software that meets necessary accessibility standards, minimizing legal disputes or penalties.
  • Enhance User Experience: Foster positive user experiences for higher satisfaction, engagement, and potential customer growth.
  • Reduce Cost and Time Delays: Avoid expenses and delays by addressing accessibility issues upfront.
  • Expedite Your Timeframe: We understand your need for efficiency, providing a thorough assessment within a desired timeframe.

Software and Application Audits

Our thorough auditing process covers software and applications, ensuring comprehensive assessments. Additionally, we consider the vendor’s VPAT, if provided, to enhance the overall evaluation.

User-Centric Evaluation

At our core, we believe in the power of real people. That’s why we prioritize conducting live user audits alongside our innovative HUB Accessibility Platform. This combination allows us to comprehensively evaluate products, putting them in the hands of actual users for authentic feedback.


With our team of seasoned professionals, we meticulously assess the accessibility of applications according to the most up-to-date Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards. Our aim is to ensure that the applications meet the highest standards of accessibility requirements.

Comprehensive Audit Report

Rest assured, we provide you with a customized and concise audit report that focuses specifically on the accessibility aspects of the software application. Our report will clearly indicate whether the application meets your procurement standards, empowering you to make well-informed decisions with confidence.

Your Trusted Accessibility Partner.

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