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Are you ready to offer accessible digital, document, and print solutions to your customers?

The Allyant Difference

Allyant is the world’s pioneer in providing a complete range of accessibility solutions. Our services encompass all aspects of accessibility, including Braille, large print, accessible PDF, digital and more—making it effortless for companies to embark on their accessibility journey.

More so, Allyant enables organizations of all sizes, industries, and locations to deliver accessible communications that comply with regulations and support people with disabilities by identifying and resolving accessibility issues across websites, client portals, mobile apps, and enterprise platforms.

With Allyant’s reliable solutions, the world’s most prominent Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, and Education companies efficiently and cost-effectively create, evaluate, fix, and monitor compliant communications.

The Benefits of Becoming an Allyant Partner

With Allyant’s partner program, we provide organizations the opportunity to offer exceptional services directly to their customers. As one of our partners, your clients who seek to guarantee accessibility and inclusion in their digital and print communications will receive top-of-the-line services—providing the very best accessibility solutions available.

How can Accessibility solutions benefit your customers? 

Offering accessible, inclusive, and compliant communications have become necessary in today’s business landscape. Partnering with Allyant provides the best way to offer these services to your clients. In addition, offering Accessibility solutions to your clients can yield various benefits, including the following:

  • Minimizing legal risks

    Compliance is often a legal requirement, and offering Accessibility solutions can help your clients avoid potential legal issues.

  • Accessing new markets

    With over 1 billion people worldwide having a disability, providing Accessibility solutions can open up new markets and opportunities for your clients.

  • Enhancing branding and reputation

    Organizations that strive to ensure accessible and inclusive communications are highly regarded and respected, which can help improve their branding and reputation.

  • Expanding service offerings and retaining customers

    If you don’t offer Accessibility solutions, your clients may turn to other providers who do. By providing these solutions, you can expand your service offerings and retain your customers.

How is Partnering with Allyant distinct from other Accessibility Vendors?

Allyant’s partnership program stands out from other accessibility companies because we offer so much more. Here’s what we offer that no one else can:

  • Access to our testing tools and knowledge base.
  • A broader range of accessibility services beyond typical “web only” vendors, including website testing and manual audit services, print services such as Braille, large reflowed print and e-text, digital document accessibility, software tools, services, and training.
  • Easier integration of our testing and auditing services into your business model, creating more opportunities for agencies and platform providers to offer web remediation services as an additional service offering to your clients.
  • Dedicated sales and customer success resources and client development team training.
  • Best-in-class litigation support for clients.
  • Marketing collateral and co-marketing opportunities to help your business thrive.

The Right Partner Programs for the Right Kind of Partners

Allyant offers customized partner programs to cater to the unique needs of various organizations. We have programs designed for the following partners:

  • Digital Agency Partners

    Our Agency program is perfect for digital agencies that want to complement their web development projects with accessibility services. Agency partners usually become Referral Partners and refer their clients to Allyant for digital auditing, print, or document accessibility services.

  • CMS Platform Partners

    Platform partners that provide hosted turnkey solutions, including data management and website hosting, will add vast additional value for their customers. Choose the approach that fits your business model, leveraging referral and reseller partnerships—all designed to accommodate Allyant’s full range of customer-centric solutions.

  • Customer Communication Partners

    When addressing the evolution from print to digital communications, customer communication partners will benefit greatly by integrating our API-driven software solutions into their platforms. Better yet, they can choose between referral and reseller partnerships.

  • Federal and State Government Resellers

    Government resellers will benefit from offering our accessibility solutions directly to their clients. We are especially interested in partnering with 8(a) Small Businesses, Women-Owned Small Businesses (WOSB), Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses, and HUBZone businesses that are keen on offering our solutions to their clients.

  • Commercial Resellers Icon.

    Commercial Resellers

    Many of our solutions are sold as annual subscriptions, presenting a unique opportunity for commercial resellers to profit from reselling our solutions to their clients.

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