CommonLook Clarity – Enterprise-class Accessibility Monitoring & Auditing

A large-scale identification and assessment solution that addresses standards compliance for PDF files on websites, intranets, and internal networks.

Addressing PDF Production-at-Scale.

Too Many Documents. Never Enough Time.

For any enterprise, there can be thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of PDF files residing within digital storage. As such, managing accessibility and associated standards compliance for PDF files can be daunting for management, IT departments and content providers.

Manage Compliance with Confidence.

CommonLook (CL) Clarity.

Welcome to CL Clarity, the world’s leading PDF accessibility management solution purpose-built to relieve the burden of managing PDFs at scale. Our leading-edge solution provides compliance, remediation, and communications teams with ultimate visibility to manage document accessibility from authoring to distribution.

CL Clarity seamlessly scans websites and folders to create highly detailed PDF status reports, providing invaluable business intelligence to effectively manage PDF monitoring and compliance, facilitating smarter, faster decisions. More so, our reporting models enable teams to prioritize remediation content, optimizing resource allocation.

CL Clarity features and functionality include:

  • The ability to fully configure the solution to meet your exact business requirements.
  • API functionality enables integration into existing applications to test files before they are published.
  • Interoperability with third-party HTML/CSS content scanning solutions.
  • Compliance with ADA Title III, WCAG, Section 508, HHS, PDF/UA and other accessibility standards.

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