Allyant Proactively Adapts to WCAG 2.2 Ahead of Official Launch

Ottawa, Ontario — October 5, 2023 – Today, the W3C unveiled WCAG 2.2, which aims to expand its range to accommodate a broader spectrum of users.

More Inclusivity

Whereas WCAG 2.1 showed its commitment to users with disabilities such as blindness, deafness, and mobility impairments, WCAG 2.2 widens the net.

WCAG 2.2 adds new success criteria to make the web more operable and understandable for those with low vision, cognitive disabilities, and mobile users. For example, it enhances navigation to ensure all users, including those with disabilities and the aging population, can effortlessly interact with the content.

By adhering to these standards, people who create, develop, and update digital properties, including websites and mobile apps, can make their content even more accessible to everyone.

It is important to note that each new WCAG version extends and does not replace the previous guidelines.

Allyant’s Forward-Thinking Approach

As a leading name in digital and web accessibility, Allyant hasn’t waited for the official launch to start its adaptation.

Ariel Kunar, Allyant’s CEO, states, “WCAG 2.2 marks a pivotal stride towards a more inclusive digital world. At Allyant, we believe in anticipation rather than reaction. We’ve always championed the cause of accessibility, and with the introduction of WCAG 2.2, our proactive measures underscore our commitment to remain at the vanguard of the industry. As we adapt to these expanded guidelines, our aim remains steadfast: ensuring equitable access to digital, document, and printed information for people with disabilities.”

Our services and tools are primed and ready for WCAG 2.2. Some of the notable initiatives include:

Digital Accessibility

HUB is Allyant’s Accessibility Management System (AMS) that enables project and issue management tailored to the unique requirements of digital accessibility projects.

Inclusion of New Disability Types

Before the official launch, Allyant rolled out changes to HUB in anticipation of WCAG 2.2. Updates include the addition of WCAG 2.2 as an available project deliverable, an updated “Affected Users” section to cover the disability types acknowledged by WCAG 2.2, and the development of six novel common issues which our auditors will employ during web/mobile content audits in alignment with WCAG 2.2.

Enhanced Knowledge Resources

Allyant will release new Knowledge Base articles and testing rules. These resources assist our clients in grasping the nuances of WCAG 2.2 requirements and facilitating their self-conducted WCAG 2.2 tests.

Proactive Customer Engagement

Our Customer Success Management team is poised to connect with clients currently conforming to WCAG 2.0 and WCAG 2.1. The objective is to initiate conversations about transitioning to WCAG 2.2 in the coming days, weeks, and months.

PDF Accessibility

Allyant’s CommonLook software is known for its advanced tools for fixing accessibility issues in PDFs. They are preparing for significant updates:

  • The CommonLook software suite will be updated to support new WCAG 2.2 checkpoints.
  • Compliance reports will align with WCAG 2.2 AA criteria.
  • We will enhance remediation services to match the updated WCAG 2.2 standards.

Software Training

Allyant’s training department is central to the company’s value of ongoing learning. Key updates include:

  • Incorporating the WCAG 2.2 standard into training modules.
  • Ensuring the online training system (CommonLook University) supports Success Criteria for WCAG 2.2 conformance.
  • Refreshing Knowledge Base articles to align with updated standards and software features.

Allyant – Leading the Way in Digital Accessibility

Allyant’s unwavering commitment is to ensure our solutions adhere to the latest standards and serve as touchstones for the industry.

For more information, press-related inquiries, or expert opinions on the changing dynamics of web accessibility, please contact Allyant by email at or by phone at +1 800 563 0668

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