CommonLook Accessibility Software Suite

A comprehensive accessibility software suite that provides accelerated, cost-efficient and reliable processes for achieving WCAG, PDF/UA, and Section 508 compliance.

Best Practices.

Don’t Let Average Software Hold You Back.

From Microsoft to Adobe and many more, accessibility is never a native output function—meaning your documents aren’t compliant, nor do they deliver the experience you want for your customers. That is, until now.

Complete Compliance.

Making the World a Better Place. One Document at a Time.

Our digital accessibility software suite ensures complete compliance with the leading standards by automating testing, remediating, and tracking compliance—all designed to boost efficiency and reduce compliance costs from initial planning to ongoing monitoring.

  • CL PDF Validator

    A FREE PDF accessibility checker that tests and validates documents against leading accessibility standards, while providing users with a certification report for each tested document.

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  • CL PDF

    The world’s leading PDF remediation software seamlessly connects as a plug-in to Adobe Acrobat DC Pro that supports authoritative accessibility standards, including PDF/UA, WCAG AA, Section 508, and HHS.

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  • CL Office

    The world’s leading plug-in for Microsoft Office Word and PowerPoint enables the simple and seamless creation of accessible PDFs.

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  • CL Online

    The world’s only education-specific professional PDF remediation software that enables quick, effective and affordable accessible document transcription.

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