ProcureEnsure: Simple, Accessible Procurement

In today’s fast-paced technological landscape, procurement professionals are challenged to deploy solutions that meet efficiency and stakeholder needs swiftly. Amidst this rush, ensuring universal accessibility often gets overshadowed. In 2022, Disability:IN introduced ProcureAccess, a B2B initiative catering to organizations aiming for accessible tech procurement. Central to this initiative is the Accessible Procurement Toolkit, which emphasizes independent accessibility/usability testing.

Enter Allyant’s ProcureEnsure—a solution to enhance procurement with guaranteed accessibility. Leveraging this, you get a free assessment from expert auditors, resulting in a report highlighting accessibility strengths and areas for improvement, complete with an overview and grade.

With ProcureEnsure, make informed decisions, blending tech advancements with accessibility essentials. Learn how ProcureEnsure can amplify your procurement approach today.

Topics include how to:

  • Grasp challenges faced in procuring accessible software.
  • Explore toolkits, strategies and processes, like Disability:IN’s ProcureAccess, for accessible tech procurement.
  • Discover Allyant’s free ProcureEnsure review and how it can integrate into your procurement process.

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Webinar: ProcureEnsure February 2024

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