New HHS Rule.

In response to this groundbreaking rule to advance accessibility for individuals with disabilities, Allyant proudly unveils its healthcare-centric program.

Comprehensive Accessibility.

Choose From a Suite of Accessibility Solutions.

Allyant introduces an innovative healthcare initiative, delivering a comprehensive suite of accessibility solutions designed to empower federal, state, and local governments in their journey toward digital inclusivity and compliance.

Our initiative offers a spectrum of cutting-edge software, personalized services, and top-tier training, equipping government entities to provide accessible websites, mobile apps, and electronic documents to their constituents. Furthermore, it streamlines the procurement process, ensuring seamless integration of accessibility-compliant software from trusted technology vendors with existing systems. Join us in revolutionizing healthcare accessibility for all.

HHS Advanced Disability Rights.

Equitable Access for Various Sectors.

As of [insert date], HHS has made significant strides in advancing disability rights through a new rule, which introduces fresh provisions and clarifies existing requirements. This rule spans across diverse sectors, such as healthcare, child welfare, and various human services.

While Title II applies to entities such as state and local governments, the HHS rule applies to those entities receiving funding under Section 504.

HHS Takes a Step Forward.

A More Equitable and Inclusive World.

In its healthcare objectives, the HHS rule endeavors to combat bias and discrimination in medical treatment by forbidding assessments that marginalize individuals with disabilities. Furthermore, it provides clarity on digital accessibility requirements.

For uniformity, the HHS rule embraces WCAG 2.1 AA as the technical standard for web content (including pages, documents, PDFs, graphics, and media files), mobile apps, and kiosk interfaces. Moreover, it updates definitions to align with prevailing disability laws and guidelines, including the recent Department of Justice (DOJ) rule.

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Obligations for Equitable Services.

Section 504 and Title II.

The DOJ is responsible for ensuring consistent interpretation of requirements across all agencies to achieve parity between Section 504 and Title II of the ADA.

In the realm of healthcare, it emphasizes the importance of inclusivity and accessibility throughout care delivery, highlighting obligations to provide equitable services for individuals with disabilities.

However, the revision to Section 504 extends beyond healthcare.

Meet Your Compliance Goals.

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In pursuit of a more accessible future, it is critical that all organizations impacted by this new rule, adopt the HHS’s initiatives.

Allyant firmly believes in equal access to opportunities and services for everyone, regardless of their abilities. Let us help your organization move forward by assuring accessibility compliance.

HHS Regulations

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