Digital Accessibility Auditing

A comprehensive suite of digital accessibility audit services addressing websites, client portals, mobile apps, IoT devices, enterprise platforms, kiosks and so much more. 

Support & Guidance.

The Importance of Digital Accessibility.

As the digital world evolves, access to information through websites, mobile apps, and portals represents a far greater share of the user experience. As such, accessibility compliance is now the priority to ensure equitable access to digital properties, making information readily available and usable to everyone. It’s also a legal requirement designed to guarantee equitable access for all.

Equitable Access & Functionality.

Accessibility Auditing & Compliance.

We are here to help you navigate the complexities of modern accessibility. Whether it’s understanding legalities, implementing accessibility standards, or managing compliance auditing and governance of digital properties—we will help you ensure that everyone has equitable access to your organization’s digital product content and functionality.

Our services include compliance auditing, testing and ongoing maintenance—helping you ensure accessibility across any platform or digital property, including:

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    Customer Portals

  • Allyant-Icon_E-commerce-Sites-

    E-commerce Sites

  • Allyant-Icon_Enterprise-Software-

    Enterprise Software

  • Allyant-Icon_IoT-Devices

    IoT Products

  • Allyant-Icon_Kiosks


  • Allyant-Icon_Medical-Devices

    Medical Devices

  • Allyant-Icon_Mobile-Apps

    Mobile Apps

  • Allyant-Icon_Websites


Your REAL Website Accessibility Review

Have an Accessibility Expert Check Your Website!

Don’t get fooled by generic, automated web accessibility scanners that leave much to be desired. Instead, our highly-skilled accessibility experts will evaluate your website using our advanced platform, personally review the results, and send you a preliminary report to determine your next steps.

To ensure your website is accessible and compliant, simply submit your URL for your FREE report!

Digital Accessibility Auditing

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Support & Guidance.

Your Dedicated Customer Success Manager.

At Allyant, we are all about people helping people. So when you work with us, we assign a dedicated customer success manager as your central point of contact. They will help guide your accessibility activities from project kick-off to audit results to successful remediation outcomes and beyond.

Provable Results.

Your Audit Report.

After our team completes your audit, you receive your personalized, comprehensive report detailing all issues and recommended next steps.

We also supply you with a complete library of usability documentation, including common user interface challenges, third-party issues, and more, designed to improve your digital experience.

Manage Accessibility with Ease.

Your HUB Customer Portal.

To make your journey to accessibility even easier, you’ll have access to our revolutionary, fully accessible customer portal and workflow management system, HUB. Here you will be able to manage all of your reports for your remediation projects, along with the ability to access our knowledge base, training videos, and our interactive help desk.

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Help When You Need It.

Your Accessibility Support.

Allyant provides a set of support hours to help you reach your goals. How an organization uses these hours in the activities is up to the organization and can shift over time.

Reliable, Comprehensive Auditing.

Real People. Real Accessibility Results.

Technology can be helpful, but not always. Sometimes even the best tools miss the nuances that real people experience. At Allyant, we believe the best approach to accessibility auditing is having real people with disabilities lead the detailed review and assessment. After all, who can better define what’s best than the very people who benefit from accessibility compliance?

Our Digital Accessibility Auditors lead the detailed review and assessment process using assistive technologies. These assessments include screen readers, refreshable braille displays, alternative mouse and simple switches—all designed to capture the keyboard-only user experience. We then apply these standards established in WCAG, as well as additional appropriate global accessibility standards in your specific region or country.

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Standards Compliance.

Where Standards Matter.

We ensure that all standards are met, including WCAG, along with applicable accessibility standards for your specific country or region. We also ensure that all audits include desktop and mobile testing on all major browsers and operating systems including:

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Application Accessibility.

Seamless Accessibility for Your Next Project.

Are you developing an application you’d like to make fully accessible? Whether it’s a mobile app, a software application, or even configuring a business system—whatever your accessibility needs, we are here to help! Tell us a little about your project, and we’ll help you get the ball rolling.

Digital Accessibility Auditing Project

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