CommonLook Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Accessibility Automation Solution

An enterprise-class AI solution that enables post-production accessibility tagging for high volumes of PDF documents.

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Producing accessible PDF documents at an enterprise scale is never easy. More so, the Customer Communication Management (CCM) systems used to create statements, letters, policies, invoices, records, and more require specific expertise to build accessible templates, not always fully supporting complex content. Worse yet, they tend to lack fully integrated, innovative best-practice testing tools to ensure outputs meet ADA and accessibility standards like WCAG and PDF/UA. Luckily, the struggle ends here.

The Power of Advanced Deep Neural Learning AI.

CommonLook (CL) Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Allyant’s CL AI automation solutions seamlessly add post-production accessibility compliance to your electronic document generation systems while enabling archiving for future retrieval and on-demand—without changing any of your existing document workflows or software systems.

Using our highly advanced deep neural network AI, your document generation becomes more intelligent over time. Furthermore, as the solution produces files, the algorithms are continually enhanced through our quality assurance and post-processing methodology. In essence, the tool is “taught” through actual accessible sample documents how to properly tag PDF documents. This ensures those documents are fully accessible to work seamlessly with screen readers and other assistive technologies.

Allyant also offers a pre-composition solution that resides on top of existing databases to author and generate accessible PDF documents at high volume. Both solutions are available via APIs for tight integration into your existing workflows and can be hosted on-premises or in Allyant’s secure cloud.

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