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As a BCBSA Group Purchasing Association (GPO) member, Allyant is uniquely qualified to help Blues with government-mandated accessibility compliance by making the process simple, seamless, and efficient. We provide solutions for the healthcare industry that ensure equitable access to digital, document and printed information for people with disabilities.

Simple // Seamless // Accessibility

About Our Company.

Allyant is a newly established brand representing the combination of three globally recognized accessibility solutions companies, including T-Base Communications, CommonLook, and Accessible360.

With a multitude of accessibility services and software solutions, Allyant provides print and digital document remediation services, document remediation software, and digital accessibility auditing.

Document remediation services include converting billing statements, correspondence, explanation of benefits (EOB), and marketing communications to accessible formats such as accessible PDF (PDF/UA), reflowed large print, and braille.

Minimize risk and ensure equitable access to all with our digital accessibility auditing services. We address websites, client portals, mobile apps, enterprise platforms, and more during the design and build phase or post-launch. 

Allyant also boasts a highly robust suite of software products. The CommonLook Software Suite delivers unparalleled solutions that help end-users and enterprises create, test, and remediate documents manually and automatically at low and high volumes.

Your Accessibility Ally.

It’s Like Having an In-House Compliance Expert.

Providing equitable access to information is now paramount to the success of all organizations. However, when tasked with addressing the many aspects of accessibility—including legal requirements, compliance, and the ever-growing demand for social responsibility—it’s no wonder that most organizations feel overwhelmed.

The most prominent organizations in the world, including those in healthcare, financial services, government, and education, rely on Allyant’s solutions to create, assess, remediate, produce, and track compliant communications efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our Software.

CommonLook Accessibility Software Suite.

A comprehensive accessibility software suite that provides accelerated, cost-efficient and reliable processes for achieving WCAG, PDF/UA, and Section 508 compliance. When HHS and CMS review your documents for approval, they use CL PDF to verify compliance. 

CL PDF Validator

A free, robust Adobe Acrobat plug-in designed for testing and verifying PDF accessibility.
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A seamless plug-in that supports authoritative accessibility standards. Use the solution that government entities like HHS and CMS trust with document accessibility.
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CL Office

Software that enables the seamless and easy creation of accessible PDFs directly from Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.
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CL Online

Quick, effective and affordable solution for accessible document transcription.
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Our Services.

Accessibility Services.

If you can’t comply with government mandates on accessibility using your internal resources, let our team of experts help you ensure equitable access to digital, document and printed information for people with disabilities. 

Accessible Print Remediation & Production

Alternate format accessible print communications services including reflowed large print and braille.
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Digital accessibility audit services to address websites, mobile apps, enterprise platforms, and more.
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PDF Accessibility Assessment & Remediation

Assess, verify and remediate large batch collections of PDFs to ensure accessibility compliance. 
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Master your PDF skills to become an accessibility pro with our full suite of CL Software training classes.
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Enterprise Solutions.

Enterprise Automation & Management.

We have solutions to automate, monitor, and manage your accessibility initiatives. If you need to remediate templates or a high volume of documents, you can easily integrate one of our automation solutions into your existing workflows to provide accessible communications as required by Section 508. Whether it’s pre- or post-production, enterprise automation and management can help.

CL Artificial Intelligence

An enterprise-class AI solution that enables post-production accessibility tagging for high volumes of PDF documents.
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CL Clarity

A large-scale identification and assessment solution that addresses standards compliance for PDF files on websites, intranets, and internal networks.
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A highly intuitive project and issue management system tailored to the unique requirements of digital accessibility projects.
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Inclusive, Equitable Access.

It's ALWAYS About People.

We all know that providing equitable access to information is now paramount to the success of all organizations. But the motivating factor should never be the bottom line. After all, accessibility is and always should be about putting the needs of people first. Instead, the human element drives change, making it easier for organizations to create an inclusive environment with equitable access for all and without barriers to entry. And when pursued with the right intentions, accessibility will help organizations “do good” while doing well. 

Make Life Easier.

No Need to Feel Overwhelmed. 

Accessibility for many can seem overwhelming, highly complex, and scary—and rightfully so. From technology, legal requirements, compliance and the ever-growing demand for social responsibility, it’s no wonder that many organizations feel profoundly lost. Worse yet, the general industry message continues to be deeply rooted in oftentimes punitive language and tone—not exactly a welcoming sentiment for organizations trying to do the right thing. But it’s okay—we’re here to help.  

Affordable Accessibility.

All Documents. All Formats.

Our end-to-end print remediation and production services enable you to make all your communications accessible quickly and easily without IT investment.

Our team has extensive experience producing alternate document formats, including Unified English Braille (UEB), UEB Technical, English Braille American Edition (EBAE), Nemeth, Braille in English and French, and reflowed large print.

Best of all, we can accommodate any document type, including Explanation of Benefits (EOBs), bills, statements, standardized tests and exams, textbooks (including STEM subject matter), files and records, correspondence, and more.

Ultimate Protection and Privacy.

Secure Accessibility. Always. 

Processing secure, accessible documents is at the core of our business. And because we continuously manage highly confidential and private client information, we invest in the highest privacy and security standards. All Allyant employees are subject to the full rigor of our onboarding regime and ongoing training, security, and background checks—making Allyant the world’s most secure alternate format provider.

Healthcare Accessibility Standards.


The US Department of Health and Human Services developed the HHS standard for healthcare organizations. Every electronic or information resource created by or purchased through a healthcare provider in the United States is required by law to be accessible. Section 508 compliance is also necessary to meet HHS’s accessibility guidelines.

Conquer the PDF Mountain.

Easily Ensure PDF Documents and Forms are 100% Compliant.

As your digital documents rapidly accumulate, we can alleviate the burden by quickly and accurately verifying and fixing any number of assets. Our verification and remediation services provide an accurate, comprehensive and cost-effective way to achieve accessibility with Section 508, WCAG 2.0, PDF/UA 1.0 and HHS compliance for public-facing, popular or significant volumes of PDF documents and forms.

Best of all, with Allyant’s PDF Accessibility Assessment and Remediation Service, you receive a comprehensive report providing our ironclad guarantee of full compliance.

Your Accessibility Ally.

Let’s Be Goal-Oriented Together.

At Allyant, we believe every organization’s journey toward equitable access should be simple and seamless—eliminating the worry, stress and uncertainty often associated with accessibility. Therefore, we will actively partner with you and your team to embrace your goals and address all aspects of accessibility, including digital, document and print mediums. 

Simple // Seamless // Accessibility

Meet Your National Account Manager, Andy Baum.

US and Canada Office / Since 2017.

Andy Baum

Andy consults with organizations to ensure their digital documents are accessible to 100% of their audience. After majoring in Communication at Tulane University, Andy began a nearly 20-year career in document management consulting, working with just about every industry vertical. He holds several awards for superior customer service and account management.

Andy is passionate about and inspired by the ability to literally make the world a better place every day through his work with Allyant.

When he’s not at work, Andy’s often found rooting for the Chicago Cubs, listening to and playing music (guitar), experimenting in the kitchen, riding a bike or watching television.

Contact Andy